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PICK'EM: Predict the winning teams on your weekly pick sheet. Customize your pick sheet with select games from NFL and College weekly lineups. Use confidence ranks, bonus points for Key Picks, allow "Best Bet" picks (e.g. pick just 5 games from the weekend instead of the full picksheet) and much more! Click to start your pool!
SURVIVOR: Pick 1 team each week to either win straight up or cover the spread. If you pick the right team you advance, otherwise you are eliminated. Many options, including double picks, strikes (allow multiple losses), and pick a team twice, etc. Set up a Survivor pool today! Click to start your pool!
FOOTBALL SHARES: Like playing at a fantasy sportsbook where you risk "shares" instead of money. The person with the most shares at the end wins. Options for college, pro, sides, totals, parlays and more. Click to start your pool!
ALL IN FANTASY: Fantasy football with no draft, rosters or salary cap. Simply pick the best lineup of players each week and earn points for their performance. Options for scoring, lineups and how many times you can select each player. Click to start your pool!
SQUARE: Commonly used for Super Bowl parties, these versatile 10 x 10 grids that can be used for a wide variety of sports and games. Click to start your pool!
NFL DIVISION WINNERS: Get acquainted with online football pool management with this easy to run, low maintenance offering! Players select which teams will win their division, earn a wildcard berth, win each Conference and Super Bowl. Selections are made early in the season so you can sit back, relax, and watch it all unfold. Customizable scoring and pick deadlines. Click to start your pool!
FANTASY FOOTBALL: Manage your own team of NFL players! Earn points for their performance in 5 categories including passing, rushing, receiving, kicking and defense. Options include customizable rosters, scoring and schedules; head-to-head or points-based standings; waiver, trade, and add/drop options; stats and analysis and more! Click to start your pool!

Office Football Pool Hosting
Pick'em, Survivor, Fantasy, Squares, and More

About Us - We have been hosting NFL and College Football pools online since 1999. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Our goal is to take the work and worry out of running and participating in a pool, so you can sit back and enjoy the competition both on and off the football field.

Football Pool Features

  • Instant standings updates
  • Telephone support
  • Custom scoring & options
  • Easy multiple entries
  • Lots of pool manager tools
  • Trash Talk Message Boards
  • 17 years of experience
  • Expert team analysis
  • Pick confirmation emails

Branded Pools - We can help you promote your own website or business with a custom branded football pool. We'll use your graphics and styles to make our site look like yours. These are perfect for radio stations, newspapers, or anyone who wants to run a customer or employee appreciation pool. Learn More

Hosting Fee - We charge a hosting fee to pool managers, usually based on the number of active pool members in the pool. Prices range from $1 to $5/entry depending on the pool type (for example, most Pick'em pools are $3/entry, Survivor pools are $1/entry, etc. Our more unique pool formats may cost a bit more.) Check the Start a Pool page for more information about the prices.

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What They're Saying: First, let me say that I've been running pools on OFP for about 10 years now, and I really like how well your site supports our pool, and especially appreciate the quick, accurate and helpful customer support. I know you've grown over those 10 years, and yet you somehow always respond so quickly, and ALWAYS fix whatever needs to be fixed the first time around. I love, love, LOVE that. If only all other websites were like you guys! - Dale Scott
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